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You have the ability to control your health (even if you think you have bad family genes). Did you know that the top 4 causes of death – Cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes are largely preventable? Dr. McManus, Chairman of Medical Affairs at Shaklee discusses simple steps you can take right away to take control of your health.


SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE Go a bit deeper into the science that makes Shaklee’s products different. The heritage and philosophy that Shaklee is based on is “In Harmony with Nature”. Shaklee delivers on that promise by developing products created by nature and harnessed by science to ensure quality and safety.


HEALTHY HOME…HEALTHY YOU Build a healthy home, a healthy family and a healthy you. Learn a few interesting facts that will help you create a healthier home environment, and even potentially save you money each and every month!


WHY SHAKLEE…WHY SUPPLEMENT? If you are one of the few who eat right all the time, is it still a good idea to supplement? With so many choices and brands available, you might ask “Why Shaklee?”Cindy Latham, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing explains Shaklee’s unique position in the market as the premier source of Natural Food Supplements.


NEW MEMBERS OVERVIEW Welcome to Shaklee! Learn about the history and science behind the products and why they work so well. We will also share some of the additional benefits of being a Shaklee member.


LANDMARK STUDY The Study that proved taking Shaklee supplements makes a significant positive difference to your health.Dr. Chaney is a retired professor of biochemistry, biophysics and nutrition from the University of North Carolina Medical School. He is the author of 100 peer reviewed scientific journal articles and the author of the nutrition chapters of the most widely used medical school biochemistry textbook.


PREVENTION It’s time for an American Health Check-up. We spend more money than any other country, yet are 37th in overall health. We need to join the many countries who are investing in prevention rather than sickness or disease. A great discussion on what we can do as individuals to put our bodies in the best position to PREVENT DISEASE.


SHAKLEE’S MISSION Shaklee’s Mission is to “Provide a healthier life for everyone and a better life for anyone”. Shaklee has been doing so for over 50 years. Learn a bit about the history and future of Shaklee.Typical reaction to this video is “Wow, how is it that I didn’t know about Shaklee!” Well, now you can.


SHAKLEE 180 YOU’RE INVITED… to learn more about our Shaklee 180 Weight Management Plan. Shaklee has always been a leader in the Weight Loss Category. Our years of experience and testing lead to the creation of our newly formulated, better tasting and most effective product yet…Shaklee 180. Hear the story behind affordable and effective plan; not just to lose weight, but a plan to keep it off and create your “happily ever after-after”.


SHAKLEE 180 SUCCESS STORIES It’s not simply about losing weight. There are so many benefits that the Shaklee 180 Weight Poss Plan can bring to your life.

Enjoy the stories of better health, more energy, less medication and so much more. Are you the next success story?

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